Environmental Due Diligence Audits: Project Sunflower

General project information

Period: September - December 2019
Client: Anonymous
Tauw consultants concerned:

  • Alice Bouvier (Tauw France)
  • Jan Smolders (Tauw Belgium)
  • Wanda Malliet (Tauw Belgium)

What was the assignment?

Tauw has advised the Client on the acquisition of the part of shares of a company  from the company’s shareholderer.

For this purpose, Tauw performed Environmental Due Diligence audits (EDDA) for 2 sites where crop protection agents were tested on trial fields. One site was in Belgium and the other one in France. The EDDA comprised evaluation of general conditions (cadastral data, geohydrology, activities in the surroundings, earthquake and flooding risk) and specific conditions such as activities on site, compliance with (environmental) permits, chemicals use, waste handling, water and waste water, asbestos, etc. Tauw identified potential issues related to the environmental permit and soil and groundwater conditions in the Belgian site and discussed these with specialized lawyers. It is agreed between the Client and Tauw that it would be useful to conduct a soil and groundwater investigation.

How was the cooperation during the project?

During the project there was excellent cooperation with a representative of the Client, and day by day communication kept her informed about project progress and results. Also there was good cooperation with the client’s lawyer for discussing the potential issues. Least but not last, Tauw Belgium and Tauw France had a close and efficient collaboration.

We (anonymous) as a client, appreciate very much that Tauw Belgium and Tauw France worked in a timely manner despite the time pressure of the project, and made them flexible to discuss relevant issues with us and our lawyer in a practical way. We are satisfied with our decision to work with Tauw.

What was the result of the project?

The result of the project was that the Client got a clear understanding about the specific conditions and situation on each site and that for the Belgian site, it makes sense to quantify (financial) risks, by conducting a soil and groundwater investigation.

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  • Environmental management
  • Environmental permits
  • Environmental advice

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