TAUW Belgium got fit with Strava!

From the 18th of March to the 18th of April, TAUW Belgium colleagues competed with each other in a sportive challenge and got fit for charity.

19 mei 2021

The Strava Challenge

Last month, TAUW Belgium held its very own Strava Challenge, namely the "TAUW gets fit!"-Strava Challenge, a sportive competition between TAUW colleagues to get into shape and prepare for a vital outdoors summer!

How did it work? In order to create some healthy competition between our different offices (Wijgmaal, Gembloux, Izegem, Brussels and Lokeren), we divided them into teams, each led by a team captain. Each team then competed for the title of "fittest of them all" by completing as many minutes of physical activity as possible. Cycling, running, walking, yoga, weightlifting, you name it and our 5 teams did it! To keep things fair, minutes were corrected according to the number of active participants so the bigger teams didn't have an unfair advantage.

Naturally a challenge is not a real challenge without a prize... And that's why our 3 fittest teams also competed for prize money to give to a Belgian charity of their choosing!

1st team  = 3.000 EUR
2nd team = 2.000 EUR
3rd team = 1.000 EUR

For the teams who didn't make the "cut", fortunately there was a consolation prize in the form of a water bottle with our TAUW logo on it.

Who was the fittest?

After 4 weeks of intensive working-out sessions by our different teams, team Izegem came out on top with a whopping 163 hours of combined physical activity. That's about 27 hours per member of the team! The Wijgmaal and Lokeren teams came a respective 2nd and 3rd with 23 hours and 18 hours per teammember each.
Team Izegem will award their 3000 EUR prize money to the independent volunteer association Natuurpunt, an association that takes care of the protection of vulnerable and threatened nature in Flanders. Team Wijgmaal has chosen Moeders voor Moeders as the recipient of the 2000 EUR runner-up prize and Lokeren will give their 1000 EUR prize money to Durme.

A big congratulations to all of our teams for participating and see you in the next Challenge!