Tauw Group reveals: new technologies for data collection – what’s in it for you?

Last Wednesday (27/05/20), nearly 80 companies from all over Europe joined our Tauw Group webinar on New technologies and Digital Solutions for Environmental Data Collection!

02 juin 2020

Tailoring solutions to clients’ needs

Last Wednesday (27/05/20), nearly 80 companies from all over Europe joined our Tauw Group webinar on New technologies and Digital Solutions for Environmental Data Collection, demonstrating the broad interest in the subject as well as Tauw’s trusted expertise.

In our 30 minute session, followed by a lively Q&A, Enrico Coggiola (business manager Tauw Spain) and innovation manager Jasper Schmeits shared Tauw’s insight on why and how digitalization, data management and smart data (among others) are “game changers” for the business of environmental consultancy industry.
From the side of the consultant, new technologies increasingly facilitate a more structured and systemic way of collecting and managing environmental data, at the same time enhancing its analysis and processing. In turn, this enables environmental consultants like Tauw to provide clients with added value on their external processes; by integrating clients’ perspective into innovate technological developments, consultants can tailor sustainable solutions to the specific needs of clients, also empowering them to make better and faster decisions in the way they work with data. Not only can clients thus avoid failure- and unplanned exchange costs, they can also avoid “missed opportunities” in projects and errors arising from the misuse of large amounts of information, among other advantages. Or as Jasper Schmeits explained, “Good data consultancy is the basis for every successful project.

Field worker of the Future

To give a concrete idea, with new technologies such as VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality) and 3D Conceptual Site Models, linked with smart measuring systems, our engineers and “field workers of the future” can visualize underground data from e.g. sewerage in real time and online, allowing easy inspection and an in-depth understanding of possible infrastructural weaknesses.
What’s more, by visualizing this data, you don’t need to be an engineer or field worker to make sense of it. This “shared understanding” between consultant and client subsequently leads to better and quicker decision-making, thereby saving both time and costs for any given project.

Jasper Schmeits: “As new technologies for environmental data collection are quickly becoming more and more important, we like to see ourselves as a digital broker; our goal is to connect the best technical developments (data collection, processing and visualization) to client demands.”


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